The insurance technology innovation community for entrepreneurs, investors and market professionals in London.

Upcoming events

We include in this section both events we curate ourselves as well as events we know about which we think will be of interest to the community. Our events take place every 6-8 weeks and are marked with the InsTech logo.

What We Do

We provide a community for all insurance innovation enthusiasts to which entrepreneurs can bring their ideas, professionals can share their challenges, investors can find opportunities and everyone can share their insights.

  • We organise regular events to showcase the latest innovations, hear from the leading thinkers in the space and provide everyone with an opportunity to network.
  • We also write regularly ourselves about insurance innovation and provide an outlet for others who have insights to share with our community and the wider industry.
  • Through curating great events and quality content we have become a beacon for attracting and encouraging ideas and talent and hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come.